• L.E.E.

Sum of choices

You are the sum total of all your choices.
You achieve what you believe in, look for, and work for.

The first step to achieving your goals is realizing that you control the outcome. Where you are right now directly equates to every decision you have ever made. Start making decisions that take you closer to your goals. - Leadership Management International Inc.

For Your evolution,


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IT TAKES SKILLS TO TRANSFORM A GROUP OF PEOPLE INTO A TEAM. Simply calling a group a team does not make it true. Teams are formed intentionally, with a tight structure and distinct roles, where member

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COMPANIES WANT TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN PEOPLE WHO BRING BOTH TECHNICAL AND EMOTIONAL SKILLS TO THE JOB. Only 15% of our financial success is due to technical ability, while 85% is due to skills related

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We subconsciously ignore specific facts, and knowledge because of what we are conditioned to observe. This affects our experience of the world and shapes the course of our lives. When we open our mind


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