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Learning must continue

Learning must continue especially in times of low revenue.

4 low budget tips for continuing to grow your employees in times of low-revenue.

  1. Inhouse Library - Books are cheap, they last, and they provide valuable information. Buy some great titles and give your employees the possibility to take them home. Give incentives to stimulate reading, and wait for the benefits.

  2. Share relevant articles - Whenever you find insightful articles, share them with your team. The more they know, the more efficient they will be.

  3. Inhouse training - It’s understandable that in times of crisis when a company’s revenue is uncertain, the budgets for professional training to decrease. But this doesn’t mean the training process must stop. This is the perfect time for your top employees to start sharing their knowledge inside the team. Not only that it's a form of recognition and it will grow their motivation, but it will grow the other employees also, who can learn valuable information from people inside their own company.

  4. Magazine subscriptions - Make subscriptions to important publishers in your domain, or others that are relevant for your activity, and put them at your employee’s disposal. Maybe many of them are not willing to pay for a subscription, but they are interested to read and expand their knowledge.

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