L.E.E.'s story is deeply rooted in the community I grew up in. I grew up in Transylvania, a place that gave me a special feeling. We, the people from Transylvania, love to firmly express our opinion, to be involved in society, to have an influence upon important matters. We also have a strong respect for order and sustainable ecosystems.

L.E.E. came as an answer to all those things that weren't functioning well in our society. That’s why we took a commitment to put our gathered knowledge and experience at service to improve our society. And, as a direct consequence, to have a positive impact on people's lives too.

Our deepest desire is to see all communities evolving, but we are aware that this will only happen when each member of that society will evolve. Through our products, services, and ideas that we bring to light, we aim to create the context for that evolution to actually happen, during our lifetime.

Loredana Elena Egri - Founder and CEO L.E.E.


Core value no. 1
We do what we say. So you'll always know what to expect from us.


Core value no. 2
We are committed to making things in our own, unique way. Even though copying others would be a much easier way.


Core value no. 3

We invest constantly in expanding our knowledge, so we can be better human beings and to serve our society better.


Core value no. 4

We don't seek the easiest ways to reach our ambitious goals We know that what comes easy doesn't last in time.


Core value no. 5
We are committed to pass through the hard parts that we'll encounter in our way with optimism. Life has thought us that everything happens for a reason.

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