Sky Building


We believe our mission on earth is to help people, leaders, and societies grow.


To develop hands-on educational programs and publications and to share insightful ideas, solutions, or best practices that help organizations improve their team performance.


  • We believe education is the foundation for a life of wealth and meaning;

  • We believe life is the sum of our choices and that education can help us make better ones;

  • We believe the only way to overcome the negative consequences of a toxic environment is through education;

  • We believe the best education is the one that arises from personal experience and knowledge;

  • We believe investing in lifelong education is the best investment one can make. The only investment that can provide a safety net for the changes the future will bring;

  • We believe that people should pay for lifelong education (learning outside school) in the same way they do for fun, health, or appearance; Without this, there can be no high-quality educational services or publications available;

  • We believe that small ideas, implemented in a great way, have the power to generate positive results in society and people’s lives;

  • We believe that each voice matters, that everyone has the potential to bring a significant contribution to society’s progress;

  • We believe that everything happens for a reason, and failure is nothing but a guideline for trying new paths;

  • We believe that with the right approach, each employee has the potential to become a top-performing one;

  • We believe it’s in everyone’s power to make the future great for all of us;

  • We believe is everyone’s responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations.


  • We want to set an example in terms of integrity, adaptation and continuous learning;

  • We love diversity and people with different views;

  • We learn from our mistakes, and don’t fear to make them;

  • We give our best in everything we do;

  • We take our mission seriously. We work hard to develop and improve our products and services, and we do it with pleasure;

  • We proudly express our origin and authenticity;

  • We are free spirits, and we embrace a culture of autonomy, where people can choose where to contribute, for how long, and when;

  • We are committed to bringing a positive contribution to people’s lives and societies;

  • We set ambitious goals, and celebrate even the smallest achievements;

  • We don’t invest our time in things we don’t believe in;

  • We want to make a profit from the activity of growing people and societies;

  • We don’t settle for less than what we deserve.



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